About us

   The artel "Starooskolsky goncharny promysel" was founded in 2015. This year the masters of pottery, the starooskolsky clay toy united for the rebirth and development of folk crafts. After all, earlier pottery pots, jar for milk, bowls and other pottery were indispensable in the everyday life of not only peasants, but also townspeople.

   Ceramic tableware is able to keep warm and cold for a long time, milk does not sour in it for a long time. Therefore, in our time, handmade pottery is in demand. Its main advantage over factory products is environmentally friendly dishes made of clay, decorated in the traditional old way - milk, painted with angob, as well as glaze. You can pleasantly surprise your friends and acquaintances when serving dishes in these exquisite ceramic pots, bowls, mugs, etc., made according to ancient canons.

   Reviving the traditions of pottery, we also keep up with the times. The range of products is diverse, it includes both traditional tableware and author's highly artistic works: vases, panels, candlesticks, jugs, damask, etc.

   The main activity of the masters of the artel "Starooskolsky goncharny promysel" is aimed at reviving and popularizing the starooskolsky clay toy, which in 2016 was awarded the status of folk art craft of the Russian Federation.

   We teach all residents and guests of Stary Oskol pottery, modeling of starooskolsky toys, making ceramic author's products. We give you the opportunity to touch the clay yourself, make your own unique product or repeat traditional dishes. Whatever you do with your own hands, you can take for yourself.

   We are waiting for you in our salon, where everyone will find a product to their liking. And if he doesn't find it, he can make it or order it himself. It is this product that will decorate its interior, create warmth and comfort in the house.

   Don't miss the unique opportunity to make your life more interesting!