Handmade cup

Handmade cup
This category includes mugs made by both pottery and by casting. Pottery mugs are great for drinking both hot drinks, because they keep warm for a long time, and for cold drinks, keeping cool. These mugs are great for both personal use and for a gift, because each mug is unique, unlike the template mugs that are sold in the store. All mugs are made by our masters in pottery and ceramics using milk (firing with milk) or food glaze (special glaze for products interacting with food products).
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A jug with a volume of about 1000 ml. Made on a potter's wheel. It is covered inside with acid-resistant glaze, outside - lactation, polishing. ..
550.00 р.
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Данная гончарная кружка выполена в оригинальном дизайне, полностью покрыта глазурью. Отлично держит тепло, что позволяет Вам долгое время наслаждаться горячим кофе. ..
250.00 р.
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